Discipleship Level 3

Grow in relationship with Christ through knowledge and obedience of His Word

Discipleship Level 3 is available to all who would like to grow in their relationship with Christ and in the knowledge and application of the Word in one’s life.



Old Testament Survey is a sweeping adventure through the story of God and His people, from the patriarchs to conquest, from a united to a divided kingdom, from exile to homecoming.

Come and see the Old Testament come together to form a whole story.



The Christian Doctrine module is for those who want to know the basis of their Christian faith.

Christian maturity is a journey that involves growing in the knowledge and understanding of the Word of God.



Spiritual Warfare is a reality of the Christian life. This module gives practical biblical balance and handles on how to stand against the wiles of the enemy.

In this module, participants learn to declare and appropriate Christ’s victory and His finished work on the Cross.



Christianity is deeply rooted in history: The Bible is a divinely-inspired historical record of God’s plan of redemption.

Church History vital to our understanding of the institution of the Christian church. Like the history of ancient Israel, the history of Christian church is to be remembered and learned from.

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