Steps To Freedom

Christian Discipleship: Level 2

Steps To Freedom is part of an on-going journey of discipleship in Christ.

The objective of Steps To Freedom is to lead and guide participants in securing their identity in Christ and to be set free from 7 major areas that can be a hindrance to a victorious Christian walk.

There are 8 lessons in Steps To Freedom.

Each lesson has a main teaching session followed by small group facilitation and ministry.



Kindly note that Steps To Freedom in 2020 is on hold until further notice.

Lesson Plan

Introduction : Who I Am in Christ

Lesson 1 : Counterfeit vs Real

Lesson 2 : Deception vs Truth

Lesson 3 : Bitterness vs Forgiveness

Lesson 4 : Rebellion vs Submission

Lesson 5 : Pride vs Humility

Lesson 6 : Bondage vs Freedom

Lesson 7 : Curses vs Blessings