All You Need to Know About Cataracts by Dr Ong Chin Tuan

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Dr Ong Chin Tuan is an ophthalmologist with specialisation in ophthalmic plastic reconstructive and lacrimal surgery. He graduated with a first class honours from the University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom in the year 2000. Dr Ong had a broad postgraduatespecialist training which made him both a physician and an ophthalmic surgeon. He is a Member of […]

What is the Spirit of the Lord Saying to us – Focus on God by Pr Ay Nee Ng

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Ay Nee is passionate about sharing God’s love to all in a genuine, generous way and encouraging believers to understand their purpose and to love and honour God. Her life is about others and championing the local church. She now lives in Sydney, Australia, and planted Sydney Gateway Church in 2008. She had pioneered a […]

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