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Top 5 Basic Music & Media Copyrights

Top 5 Must-Know Basic Music and Media Copyrights


What do you do when you need a photo, a song, or a video for a project? You either create your own or search them up online. But did you know that you need to credit or obtain permission to use the media you find online?

Whether it’s just a 10-sec video clip, or a song, or even a photo – you cannot simply use something from the Internet without proper permission. In this session, lawyer Sharmila Sekaran shared some basic must-knows when it comes to using other people’s songs, videos or images. She will be sharing more on the music part of things, but the general rule of thumb applies.

Watch this video to find out what you can and cannot do with the music and media you intend to use for your church projects. That way, we won’t be putting ourselves in hot soup.

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