Change One Life Student Sponsorship Program

Change One Life by providing students in Jubilee Hostels the opportunity to receive education and have a conducive place to live and learn.


CHANGE ONE LIFE Jubilee Hostels Student Sponsorship Program is an initiative by SIBKL since 2017. God gave SIBKL a core distinctive to sow back into our native East Malaysian brothers and sisters in Christ. We believe that the Lord wants us to invest in the next generation in Sabah by providing students the opportunity to receive education and grow in a healthy environment physically and spiritually.  


We were inspired by God to build student hostels to house East Malaysian students who are in need. Therefore, the first Jubilee Hostel, located in Tandek, Kota Marudu, Sabah was built and opened its doors for its first intake in 2013.

In 2017,  as the needs of the student population grew, the Jubilee Hostel expanded with another additional campus in Tandek and also in Kg. Piasau, Tambulion in Kota Belud. 

The 3 hostels can house about 180 students (each hostel 60 students) across Sabah ensuring that students are provided the opportunity to receive education and have a conducive place to live and learn.

Tandek 1 & 2, Kota Marudu campus students

Tambulion, Kota Belud campus students


How can you be involved? 

You can sponsor a student as an individual, a family or as a cell group.


RM400 per month for a 1-year period.

Where does my contribution go to? 

Your monthly contribution will be directly channeled towards paying for students’ meals, lodging, tuition fees and basic necessities.

Adhoc Contribution

Alternatively, you can also contribute any other amount on an adhoc basis. Your contribution will be used to cover other expenses of the hostel.


Payee Name: SIBPJ
Bank: CIMB
Bank Account No.: 8003735753

**You can also pledge and give by installment monthly**

If you require a receipt, email

Good Living and Study Environments

Students are blessed with comfortable, well-equipped and conducive living & study environment.

Healthy Meals

They are also blessed with nutritious meals to ensure that they are physically well-fed. 

On-Campus Tuition

There are also in-house tutors who provide them with extra tuition classes.

Spiritual Discipleship

Our students’ spiritual well-being are cared for as they are discipled in their faith through group bible study and chapel services.


Contact Missions Ministry

If you are keen to get involved or would like more information, do get in contact with us.

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