Promised Land Ministry

Helping believers to connect to God’s heart for the Promised Land and Chosen People.


The vision of the Promised Land Ministry is for believers to connect to God’s heart for the Promised Land and Chosen People, and to know His redemptive and restorative plan for creation.

Our mission is as follows:

  • To encourage all believers to appreciate the importance and relevance of the Hebraic roots of our faith and the Church in Kingdom work.
  • To know the Father’s heart and revelation for His Church, Israel and the Nations in the Last Days of the Bible.
  • To bless and pray for God’s Promised Land and the Chosen People.

We come together every month for a Fellowship of “oneness” in worship with banner dancers and shofarists, a Hebraic root teaching and intercessory prayer for God’s divine purpose to be accomplished for the Promised Land and Chosen People.

We also organise three seminars a year, conduct regular PLM Study, and promote Weekly Prayer as Intercessors and Watchmen.

Kingdom and Covenants by Avner Boskey

Zoom Online

The Promised Land Ministry's theme for the year 2021 is Kingdom and Covenants. Avner Boskey from the Final Frontier Ministries will be sharing with us on a monthly series of God’s Covenants. His teachings will add a new dimension from the heart of God through His servant. Join us and be blessed as you know what God has in store for us.


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