Physical Services




Great news! We have now opened our doors for physical church services! 

Do take note that things will likely look and feel a bit different as we progressively normalise in time to come. To keep all of us safe and to ensure that we abide by government regulations and recommendations, do watch the video guide above so that you know what to expect when you attend our physical church services.


Physical services for our Main English Services are now open with limited capacity at the following locations and timings.

  • Saturday | 5.00pm | Bangunan Yin
  • Sunday | 8.30am, SMCC
  • Sunday | 11am, Bangunan Yin


Entrance into physical services will strictly be on a ticketed basis. Tickets will be released every Wednesday at 12pm.

For a step-by-step guide on how to book your tickets:

Bangunan Yin

7 Section 16/11, Jalan Damansara, Petaling Jaya
Google Maps


Parking requires Touch n’ Go card (min. RM15 balance). Validate Touch n’ Go card after service to enjoy a special rate of RM2.00.

Public Transport

1. Bus

Bus 800 (Bandar Utama – KL Sentral)
Disembark at Eastin HotelMRT

2. MRT

Sungai Buloh – Kajang Line
Disembark at Phileo Damansara Station

Sunway Mas Community Center

Jalan PJU 1/3g, SMCC, Petaling Jaya
Google Maps


Parking is free. Do park inside SMCC.

Public Transport

No public transportation passes by SMCC.


  1. We welcome all our members, friends and families back home.
  2. We encourage only those who are below 70 years old to attend our physical services.
  3. We will follow government regulations as stipulated below.



  1. Those who do not have any symptoms of COVID-19 (fever >37.5°C, cough, shortness of breath, chills & rigors, muscle pain, new loss of taste or smell), AND are at Low Risk of severe COVID-19
  2. Worshippers who are at High Risk of severe COVID-19 are discouraged but allowed to come for service. Please book “High Risk” tickets
  3. Worshippers who are at Very High Risk of severe COVID-19 are not allowed to come for service.
  4. Children must always be together with and under the supervision of their parents/guardians AND are able to comply with social distancing.





Fulfills any ONE or MORE of the following criteria:


  1. Obesity III (BMI of 40 or above ~ Approximately 100kg and above for a person 1.6 m in height)
  2. Severe hypertension or diabetes mellitus (e.g., requiring 3 or more
    different medications, insulin, OR multiple hospitalizations)
  3. People who live in a nursing home or long-term care facility
  4. Hemoglobin disorders, such as thalassemia
  5. Immunocompromised (weakened immune system), including cancer treatment, bone marrow or organ transplantation, immune
    deficiencies, HIV, prolonged use of steroids
  6. Liver disease, including cirrhosis
  7. Serious heart conditions, including heart failure, coronary artery disease, congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathies, and pulmonary hypertension
  8. Chronic kidney disease being treated with dialysis
  9. Chronic lung disease, including severe asthma



1. Obesity II (BMI of 35 or 39.9 ~ Approximately 90-100kg and above for a person 1.6 m in height)

2. Mild hypertension, diabetes mellitus, or asthma (e.g. requiring no more than 3 different medications in total)

low risk


Does NOT fulfill “Very High Risk” or “High Risk” criteria


Do I need a ticket for service?

YES. Everyone will need a ticket to attend church service. Our tickets are booked online through our website:

How much are the ticket(s)?

The ticket(s) are FREE. You may see USD 0 at checkout but don’t worry, they won’t ask for payment details.

How many ticket(s) can I book?

You can book maximum 5 tickets per category.

Where and when can I book the ticket(s)?
  • You can go to our website: and click on the location you want to book (BY or SMCC).
  • It is available on the Wednesday, 12pm before the Sunday service. E.g. For 9th August service, tickets will be available from 5th August.
  • Please read the guidelines on our website.
How do I retrieve my ticket(s)?
  • You can access your tickets via the email that you registered… or via the Eventbrite mobile app / website (needs Eventbrite account)

Do I need an Eventbrite account?
  • NO but it’s highly recommended because you can view, modify, and cancel the booking accordingly via Eventbrite mobile app or website.

Can I cancel my ticket(s)?
  • YES. Sign into your account on Eventbrite, select the ticket and click “Cancel Order”.

Can I transfer the ticket(s) to a friend / family?
  • YES. Sign into your account on Eventbrite, select the ticket and edit the information to your friend’s / family’s.

Can I change my seating?
  • YES. You will need to cancel your first booking and make another booking.*Subjected to seat availability
What time should I come?
  • We recommend that you come 1 hour before service starts.

Why so early?
  • We recommend 1 hour because there will be a queue: queue for the lifts; walk up the stairs; e-ticket check; temperature check; sign-in via mySejahtera or SELangkah App.

Can I sit together with my family from the same household?
  • All our seats will follow the standard social distancing guideline. So, you’ll be sitting 2-3 seats apart from your family members.

How long are your service(s)?
  • 1 hour.
    SMCC – 8:30am | Sunday
    BY – 11:00am | Sunday

Can I use the lift?
  • YES! Do note that with social distancing, our lifts can only fit:

    5 pax in SMCC & 4 pax in BY.

What time does the doors open for service?
  • For our 8.30 am service at SMCC, doors will open at 8.00 am.
  • For our 11 am service at BY, doors will open at 10:15 am.
When church opens for physical services, will there be other church events?
  • Our main services and all other generational or language services are now open for physical services.
  • Do stay updated via our website or social media for our latest updates.

Additional INFO

Is there Children's Ministry?

Children’s Ministry will still remain online for the time being. Click here for online content. 

Will BLESS Cafe be open?

BLESS Cafe will remain closed indefinitely.

A community for you

Children's Ministry

(0-12 years old)

Guiding the next generation to encounter the Father’s heart at an early age.

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(13-17 years old)

A vibrant community for teens and high school youth to grow their faith, character, and relationships.

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The Soziety

(College/ Uni)

Connecting a community of college and university youth to be saved, whole, and healed.

Learn more >

Young Adults

A group of fresh grads and adults in their mid-’30s navigating the crossroads of adulthood.

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Other Languages


Bahasa Malaysia

Sunday 10:00am (Physical), 8pm (Online)

A dedicated Bahasa Malaysia service for East Malaysians and natives.

Join Service >



Sunday 8:30am (Physical) (recording available on YouTube)

A community of Mandarin-speaking congregation who love the Word of God and doing life together.

Join Service >

Church Plants


Sunday 10.00am (Online)

An SIBKL church plant to be located in D’sara Sentral, Sg Buloh that’s inspired to build strong families and an excellent church to dynamically reach out to the lost and in-need.

Visit us at

LifeGen Church SIBKL

Sunday 4.00pm (Physical & Online) 

A revival movement. Our heart is to see revival fire sweep our city, nations and the nations. We want to see a Jesus generation arise & empowered to win their generation for the glory of God.

Check us out at

Workplace @theRiver

Thursday 7.00pm (Online)

Workplace @theRiver (W@tR) is a place where business and working individuals congregate to make new connections and expand beyond the horizon of work.

For more information, visit


It is a privilege for us to be generous.


We look forward to getting to know you.

New Here?

Drop us a note if you have any questions on our church services.