Bless ministry

We Bring Life through Evangelism and Social Services.

BLESS is an acronym for Bringing Life through Evangelism and Social Services. This mission is done by raising funds through BLESS Cafe and BLESS Shops to finance social outreach projects.

BLESS has impacted thousands of lives through its programme by feeding hundreds of Myanmar refugee children a day, supporting local drug rehabilitation centres, orang asli communities and lower income communities who shop at BLESS, and also through recruiting BLESS staff and volunteers.

Social Outreach Projects



Our volunteers run BLESS Cafe every Sunday from 9am to 1:30pm at the Bangunan Yin cafeteria.

Here, you will find organic fruits and produce for sale as well as brunch favourites like nasi lemak, porridge, pau and more.

All proceeds from the sale of these products go to funding our social outreach causes.



With outlets in Midvalley Megamall, 1 Utama, Ara Jaya (D’Aman Crimson), Citta Mall and Sunway Mas Community Center, BLESS Shops carry a wide selection of preloved and brand new items donated by the public.

From as low as RM5, buy clothes, shoes, furniture, home decoration, toys, jewellery and more at BLESS Shop outlets.



Wondering where your money goes?

BLESS is a social enterprise, so after deducting operational costs, the net profit is donated to our causes.

In line with our current profits, BLESS has chosen two main causes to support: Myanmar refugee children and drug rehabilitation individuals.

If you would like to give, go to our giving page for more details.

supporting causes

BLESS Refugees


BLESS uses the funds to provide hundreds of Myanmar refugee children meals everyday.

We also give educational material to eleven Myanmar refugee children learning centres located in the Klang Valley. RM52.80 per child per month is allocated for their meals and educational supplies.

The learning centres we support include: Karen, Sunway Mentari, Zomi, Zophei, Lautu, Shalom Education Centre, Zo, Hope, Alliance of Chin Refugee School, MRCLC.

BLESS Crossroads


The money given to the Kenosis and Rainbow Home Christian drug rehabilitation centres is to support their operational expenses.

BLESS sponsors RM110.70 per member per month.


Do you have any pre-loved items that you would like to donate away? Do donate items that are in usable conditions. You can drop your items off at these locations*:

  • Level 1A Carpark, SMCC – 10am-5pm (except Mondays) –  Waze or GoogleMap
  • B1 Carpark next to Lifts, Bangunan Yin – 8.30am – 12pm (Sundays) – Waze or GoogleMap
  • Ara Jaya (D’Aman Crimson) – 10am – 5.30pm – Waze or GoogleMap
  • Midvalley/One Utama/Citta Mall 10am-10pm.

For pre-loved items that cannot be sold in our outlets, we donate them to the Shuang Fu (Dual Blessing Bhd) organisation for people with disabilities (PWD).


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