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Meet our pastors and leaders and hear about our DNA


Your Journey starts with five simple steps


It is our greatest desire to make you feel at home when you enter our doors. Your experience is designed to ensure you get to encounter God in the most meaningful way possible through having our friendly ushers leading you to your best seat to grabbing a cup of coffee at the hospitality lounge and connecting with our ambassadors after service. We would love for you to join us this weekend.


Enjoy some great tea time snacks with us and spend a great afternoon learning about our beginnings, our values, our culture, and why we do what we do.

Come and discover more about us and we hope to connect with you personally and welcome you into this family.


You’ve decided to come back, now you’re asking the question where do I BELONG? Join us for our DNA tea and DNA+ sessions to find out more about our history and why we do what to do.


You weren’t meant to do life alone. You were made for community. Cells and Ministries are great places to help you know where to look for direction and have the right people encouraging you along the way. Find your community —because life is better together! 


We really believe in the significance of growth in being a follower of Christ. Grow in understanding of scripture and also learn to connect with the Holy Spirit to receive revelations and truly understand God’s heart.

As a follower of Christ, resonate with God’s heart through Scripture, grow to know Him more intimately, love Him more passionately, and willingly surrender to His Lordship. 


In SIBKL we believe that everyone will grow through by establishing a relationship with God through scripture. I GROW by not only having head knowledge but also…


We are made to be influencers and leaders. iLead track in our church is designed to equip and empower individuals who feel called to serve and lead. Through a series of interactive workshops and practical hands-on experiences, you will develop essential leadership skills, grounded in biblical principles.

Upcoming MSJ Events

MSJ Events

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