iGROW in my journey in Christ

The mission of I GROW in SIBKL is to disciple believers to have a relationship with God through Scripture.

We believe it is important that disciples not only have head knowledge of the Word but also to engage with the Holy Spirit for revelation and understanding of God’s heart.

In resonating with the heart of God through Scripture, disciples grow to know God more intimately, love Him more passionately and faithfully yield in obedience to His Lordship; thus fulfilling God’s destiny and call.



I GROW Level 1 is specifically designed for new believers in Christ.

New Life

The New Life module is designed to equip new believers of Christ with a foundational understanding of the Christian walk. From experiencing a NEW LIFE, to renewal of the mind, and walking victoriously in Christ, these 5 lessons make up the first module of I GROW Level 1.
  • Lesson 1: New Life

  • Lesson 2: New Relationship

  • Lesson 3: Communication Through The Bible

  • Lesson 4: Communication Through Prayer

  • Lesson 5: Victory Over Temptations

Christian Living

I GROW Level 2 is available to all who would like to grow in their relationship with Christ and in the knowledge and application of the Word in one’s life.
  • Lesson 1: The Lordship of Jesus Christ
  • Lesson 2: Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • Lesson 3: The Church
  • Lesson 4: The Communion

Water Baptism

The Water Baptism Module helps New Believers prepare for water baptism. In this module, New Believers will discover the significance and importance of water baptism.

Participants are required to attend a water baptismal class prior to the baptismal event.
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I GROW Level 2 is available to all who would like to grow in their relationship with Christ and in the knowledge and application of the Word in one’s life.

Life In Christ

Life In Christ module helps disciples to understand the importance of yielding to the Lordship of Christ.

It also helps equip disciples to witness for Christ by sharing the good news and God’s goodness.


  • Lesson 1 : Daily Living in Christ

  • Lesson 2 : Personal Prayer Altar

  • Lesson 3 : Being Christ Witnesses

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare is a reality of the Christian life. This module gives practical biblical balance and handles on how to stand against the wiles of the enemy.

In this module, participants learn to declare and appropriate Christ’s victory and His finished work on the Cross.


  • Lesson 1 : Building Prayer Altars

  • Lesson 2 : The Armour of God

  • Lesson 3 : The Blood of Jesus

  • Lesson 4 : Spiritual Warfare

Steps To Freedom

Steps To Freedom is part of an on-going journey of discipleship in Christ.

The objective of Steps To Freedom is to lead and guide participants in securing their identity in Christ and to be set free from 7 major areas that can be a hindrance to a victorious Christian walk.

Each lesson has a main teaching session followed by small group facilitation and ministry.


  • Introduction : Who I Am in Christ

  • Lesson 1 : Counterfeit vs Real

  • Lesson 2 : Deception vs Truth

  • Lesson 3 : Bitterness vs Forgiveness

  • Lesson 4 : Rebellion vs Submission

  • Lesson 5 : Pride vs Humility

  • Lesson 6 : Bondage vs Freedom

  • Lesson 7 : Curses vs Blessings


I GROW Level 3 is for those who would want to explore and dig deeper into the truth of God’s Word.

Christian Doctrine

The Christian Doctrine module is for those who want to know the basis of their Christian faith. Christian maturity is a journey that involves growing in the knowledge and understanding of the Word of God.


  • Lesson 1 : The Infallibility of Scripture

  • Lesson 2 : The Second Coming of Jesus

  • Lesson 3 : Once Saved, Always Saved?

  • Lesson 4 : Eternal Judgement


I GROW Level 4 consists of special theological programs or special I GROW modules that varies yearly.

Bible Overview
Part 1: In-Depth Study of David & Solomon
By Pr Isaac Ling

Come and join us in this module where we will go through an overview of the chronological timeline of both kings, the world powers at play, understanding geographical maps, the importance of both kings, and the establishment of their dynasty.

Date: 6 & 13 June (2 consecutive Thursdays)
Time: 8 – 10pm
Venue: Bgn Yin, Level 4, Sanc 2
Registration Link: (Link will be open from 4 May – 2 June)
Registration Fee: RM5

Bible Overview Part 2 (TBC)

This module aims to help participants grasp a big picture of the Bible, plus to draw important lessons to apply in our Christian Living.

Date: 26 September & 10 June (2 Thursdays, break on 3 October)
Time: 8 – 10pm
Venue: Bgn Yin, Level 4, Sanc 2
Registration Opens: 24 August – 22 Szeptember
Registration Fee: RM5


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You can drive to SIBKL, there is a lot of parking available, or alternatively you can also take the MRT to Phileo Damansara Station and walk across.

Anyone above 15 years old completed the track
(DNA tea & DNA+), water baptised and abides to the SIBKL membership covenant

Yes, the MRT station Phileo Damansara is located right across Bangunan Yin

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You can bring a notebook, jacket as it may get cold, your water bottle and any of your daily essentials!

Ranges from 1.30 hrs – 2hrs

Dress comfortably! As long as your attire is appropriate and not revealing.

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