11 Days to 30th Anniversary: My Experience Working with Different Generations in SIBKL

Written by the Young Adults

From day one when I first walked into SIBKL, the vibrant tapestry of ages and experiences struck me. The sight of people from all walks of life, united in worship to our God, was both heartening and inspiring. I was particularly drawn to this dynamic mix of generations. While many my age might opt for churches with a younger congregation, I chose SIBKL because I value how this church is built on being strong, excellent, and dynamic. Moreover, I value the rich wisdom and diverse viewpoints that come from a generational church such as SIBKL.

My name is Aaron Han. I served Him in His House, SIBKL, and this is my testimony of what I have experienced working with different generations in our church.

God’s Movement Across Generations

One of the most profound aspects of our church is witnessing how God moves through the generations. It’s like watching a beautiful, unfolding tapestry of faith stories and spiritual legacies. From the oldest to the youngest, each age group has its unique spiritual hunger and yearning for God. The anointing of God is unmistakably evident, especially when we come together to sow back into Sabah, Sarawak, and Semenanjung. This collective faith is not just inspiring; it’s a living testament to the power of unity and shared purpose.

I believe that such diversity not only deepens my faith but also allows me to learn from those who have walked this path longer than I have. After all, one day, I will be their age, and their insights are invaluable.

Learning from Each Generation

Working within such a diverse age group has taught me invaluable lessons. One of the most significant lessons is the importance of acceptance, respect, and understanding across different age groups. Each generation brings its own set of experiences, challenges, and perspectives, and recognizing these differences has greatly enhanced my ability to communicate and collaborate effectively. Whether it’s the wisdom of our elders or the fresh zeal of our youth, each voice adds depth to our shared journey of faith.

Working at W@tr shaped me to love God’s people deeper

Challenges in a Generational Church

However, being part of a generational church like ours is not without its challenges. One of the main difficulties is balancing the various needs and preferences of each age group. It requires thoughtful planning and a sensitive approach to ensure that everyone feels included, heard, and valued. This balance isn’t always easy to achieve, but it’s essential for fostering a truly inclusive community.

Moments of Intergenerational Collaboration

There have been countless moments of intergenerational collaboration and mentorship at SIBKL. One memorable experience was during the planning and execution of Malam Pentakosta, our Pentecost Night. Working alongside people of different ages, we saw firsthand how the wisdom of the older generation complemented the enthusiasm and creativity of the younger members. This collaboration wasn’t just productive; it was a beautiful demonstration of the body of Christ working in harmony. This harmony, I believe, is just like how the Pentecost in the book of Acts unfolded.

Navigating Differences in Ministry

Navigating the differences in perspectives and approaches between generations in ministry required patience and intentionality. I learned to take the time to listen carefully to everyone’s ideas, ensuring that each voice was heard and valued. Flexibility became a key component in our planning and execution, allowing us to merge various viewpoints into cohesive, effective strategies. Building mutual respect was crucial; it created an environment where everyone felt valued and understood, fostering a spirit of collaboration and unity.

In conclusion, working with different generations at SIBKL has been an enriching journey. It has deepened my faith, broadened my perspective, and taught me the invaluable lesson that the church is strongest when all generations come together in harmony. Each generation, with its unique gifts and experiences, plays a vital role in the life of our church, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow alongside such a diverse and dynamic community.

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