15 Days to 30th Anniversary: Get to Know Your SIBKL Pastors!

Written by Campus Community

As we mark SIBKL’s 30th anniversary, we thank God for our pastors. Here, we’ve asked a few to share some lesser-known facts about themselves. How much did you not know? Fun fact, we have four generations of pastors featured here!

Pr Jeffrey Chua

Adults District Pastor

Favourite Quote: “Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.” (Fred Rogers). Why I like this: “Life is a continuous series of events and we must not remain stagnant but always improve ourselves.”

On my Playlist: Praise (Elevation Worship), Gratitude (Brandon Lake)

Nostalgic Childhood Snack: Twisties

A Memorable Answered Prayer: When my parents became Christians after many years

Favourite Author / Speaker: Timothy Keller and Skip Heitzig

Best Way to Spend a Monday (our pastors’ day off!): Grocery shopping and enjoying an infrared sauna with my wife

Holiday Destination: Japan and Switzerland

Unforgettable SIBKL Memory: When I sang Thank You to Pr. Chew on Bangunan Yin’s stage for his 70th Birthday. I had just recovered from a kidney stones operation and there was still a kidney stent in my left kidney!

Service One, Two or Three? I usually attend Services One and Two.

Pr Jeffrey singing happy birthday to Pr Chew for his 70th birthday

Pr John Jonathan

Bahasa Service Pastor

Favourite Quote: “Study to the full, work to the top.” I am always learning. I studied to the fullest; I also like to work, work to the desired top. In learning I renew myself because every day and season has different challenges. From studying I have the strength to focus for the good of others. Learning formally and informally adapted me in God’s calling.

On my Playlist: Great Awakening because it always increases the passion and love in my heart for others. Another is Consuming Fire, a daily worship song played at home to prepare my life to face the dark world. My life is eternal redemption in the power of God’s fire. In God’s fire there is God’s guidance.

Nostalgic Childhood Snack: Homemade tapioca bread — easy to find, yummy, energetic and easy to take anywhere.

A Memorable Answered Prayer: My biggest answered prayer was when I was offered a place at Universiti Malaya in 2000, coming from a remote village in Sarawak. I also believe that until now, I am healthy because I believe my life is in its most beautiful season with God.

Favourite Author / Speaker: Pr Chew Weng Chee. I studied theology but CWC always teaches the practical, living Word and implementing the truth. He is an author and lives what he preaches.

Best Way to Spend a Monday (our pastors’ day off!): Going for a hike and drinking coffee at the top of a hill

Holiday Destination: Kundasang and Ranau in Sabah because of its beauty, cool weather and friendly people.

Unforgettable SIBKL Memory: Pastoring is not just about preparing sermons and serving. The most noble for me is a life change. The greatest life experience is when I see lives change. They come to God with brokenness, are formed and guided in small group discipleship, give themselves to be baptized, serve God and are ready to serve others. Here I see the perfect power of God’s love. I hold their hands and walk with them towards the destiny of eternal life. I also enjoyed Leaders Advance and Game On!

Service One, Two or Three? BM Service first, because worshiping in BM is very close to my heart. It is a place where I give all to the Lord. Service One is a time for me to receive from God.

Pr JJ enjoying a splashing good time at Game On

Pr Miranda Kua

Campus Community Pastor

Favourite Quote: “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” This reminds me to never to be too “busy” in the doing and remember to love people because people matter more than programs.  

On my Playlist: This is Our Time (Planetshakers)! We sang this at E16 and getting to be part of the worship team praising with 12,000 people in the stadium — definitely a core memory! For worship, Sampai Akhir Hidupku. I cried in the car all the way home from a conference where I was volunteering as a Bible college student in 2019 listening to this song. This song convicted me to answer to my calling as a pastor.

Nostalgic Childhood Snack: Super Rings cos it’s finger lickin’ good!

A Memorable Answered Prayer: When both my parents accepted the Lord and seeing them coming to church regularly now.

Favourite Author / Speaker: My current go-to for podcast is Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast. Love the in-depth convos, actionable advice and authenticity of its content.

Best Way to Spend a Monday (our pastors’ day off!): After hiking the Mulu Pinnacles in 2023, my hiking chatgroup did not disband but expanded 😂 hiking every Monday morning is a ritual now! The pain is worth it hehe.

Holiday Destination: I’ve been to Vietnam 3 times! Did my first solo travel at Hanoi, hiked Sapa, rode on a motorbike for the first time. In fact, I just came back from Hoi An recently. Love the people and the rich cultural heritage.

Unforgettable SIBKL Memory: Mission trips to East Malaysia! Specifically, Kem Remaja Serius in 2011 in Ranau, Sabah. I was a group facilitator to a bunch of 15-year-old Sabahan girls and this missions trip grew my conviction on how important it is to build our native brothers and sisters for the sake of our nation. I almost left the country because I had a PR in Australia but after this missions trip, I’m still here. Malaysia, tanah airku!

Service One, Two or Three? One! Because my favourite people are all there, hehe. Shoutout to Campus Community! ❤

Pr Miranda (second from left) on a mission trip to East Malaysia in 2011

Pr Shaun Quek

Narrowstreet Youth Pastor

Favourite Quote: “What God does in you is greater than what he does through you.” Pastoral work is high commitment. That’s why it’s called full-time right. But in all the work I do, I always remember that what God is doing in me is also crucial. task = CASK applies to pastors as well right.

Currently Listening to: Greatest in the World. I can’t remember half the lyrics but it’s always a vibe. And for worship, the bridge of None But Jesus always gets to me. All my delight is in You – helps me remember who really has my heart, my joy, my everything.

Nostalgic Childhood Snack: Pringles. Back then, Pringles sour cream and onion was elite.

A Memorable Answered Prayer: Being a pastor. Hahah!

Favourite Author / Speaker: John Mark Comer. He’s theological, very practical and he goes back to the basics of Christian living but challenges actual habits in our lives. And he looks pretty cool.

Best Way to Spend a Monday (our pastors’ day off!): Play with my niece!

Holiday Destination: Cameron Highlands. Weather is lovely and it’s peaceful when it’s not the holiday season.

Unforgettable SIBKL Memory: Any time I get to baptise people. It’s an encapsulation of the journey of discipleship and how people have grown in faith. To see people decide to publicly declare their faith and to have the privilege to be a part of that. Bliss. 

Service One, Two or Three? Three. it’s the service which I’m not super busy, so I actually get to receive from the pulpit as well.

Pr Shaun baptising Narrowstreet youths

As we step into the new season that God is calling SIBKL into, let’s keep our pastors, leaders and ministry workers in prayer. May they be inspired by faith, strengthened by the Spirit and united in heart as we celebrate 30 years of God’s goodness to SIBKL. Here’s to the next 30!

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