Finding My Calling in A.R.M. Ministry

Finding My Calling in A.R.M. Ministry

Stanley Tham

Ten years ago, I promised God to serve in His ministry, but life got busy and I kept delaying. On January 16, 2024, I had a stroke that scared me and acted as a wake-up call. During my recovery, the A.R.M. Ministry visited, prayed for me, and took me to church, reminding me of my commitment.

Being with A.R.M. Ministry gave me a sense of belonging and purpose. Their love and service inspired me, and I realized my stroke was a turning point that helped me see my true calling: to join A.R.M. Ministry and serve with them. Although I haven’t officially joined yet, my desire to serve grows stronger every day.

Now, I am determined to put Jesus at the centre of my life. My journey, starting with a promise and a stroke, has led me to this clear calling. With Jesus as my guide, I am ready to serve in A.R.M. Ministry and glorify His name. Hallelujah! I am ready to embrace this new chapter.

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