Healed from an Incurable Heart Disease

Yew Mei San

4 years ago, I found God again and He granted me a miracle healing from a deadly incurable heart disease, Cardiac Amyloidosis, although the doctor told me that I only had 6 months to live as there was no known cure. In April 2019, I took a 6 months sabbatical break from work due to overworking.

My health deteriorated after a week of break. My organs were shutting down. I experienced dizziness, extremely low blood pressure and heart rate, swollen legs and blood in my urine. The worst was the inability to urinate for 3 days despite taking medication. I went to the hospital and while my vital signs were checked, I suddenly suffered a heart failure and my heart stopped beating for 2 minutes. Thank God, the doctors were nearby and managed to resuscitate me. I was implanted with an ICD device to self-charge up the heart in case it stops again. God’s timing was perfect. I can’t imagine what would happen if my heart stopped at home or at work. I wouldn’t be here now. All Glory to God for saving my life.

Throughout my stay in the ICU, I had so many other miracles. I felt so warm without needing blankets although my visitors were shivering. I knew it was the Holy Spirit’s warm blanket. The 2 surgeries were painless and I didn’t require any painkillers. I was amazed. I was full of joy despite my circumstances. I knew God was in control of everything. I placed all my trust in Him. I had no fear.

I claimed these verses in my life:
“I will not die but live. I will proclaim what the Lord has done. The Lord has chastened me severely, but He has not given me over to death.” Psalm 118:17- 18

It’s not my time to die yet. I thank God I get to wake up alive every morning and to have this second chance in life to share my blessings to bring you hope and to assure you, God is real. When I have been stripped down to nothing and at the lowest, darkest point of my life, strapped up helplessly in the ICU, I can only depend on God. I know that with God, I need not fear and shall overcome any trials because He will not forsake me.

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